As my event is a rather rare one, I thought a gallery of photos and videos showing what I actually do might be a good idea.  Unfortunately I don’t have any videos of me throwing the discus at the moment, but I will post some if and when I get some.  I will also include some slightly less educational and slightly more self-congratulatory stuff on the off-chance you might find it interesting.

A rather unflattering action shot, PWC 2010.

At the 2011 IPC World Championships opening ceremony, Christchurch.

Winning the gold medal at the 2011 IWAS World Championships in Dubai.

How not to throw a discus - BUCS 2013.

How not to throw a discus – BUCS 2013.

In training in Dubai:

More of the same (with expert coaching feedback):

NB. As the club is a unique event in that different athletes throw it in completely different ways, it would have been interesting to have included footage of other athletes to show the contrasting styles.  However, people can get overly sensitive about such things, and I fear that publishing videos of my rivals may have gone down about as well as the CIA publishing detailed floorplans of Khrushchev’s sleeping quarters in 1962.

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